Go for the Gold or Reach for the Sky

Horses are invited to come and board at Kristull Ranch for training in nearly any discipline.

Ground training can start at any age. Regular backing starts at 2-1/2 to 3 years old depending on the horse and its maturity.

Regularly scheduled, visiting trainers offer natural horsemanship and other types of training. Programs are individualized for each horse. They use calm, proven training methods that produce willing equine partners. Horses learn at their own pace and their personalities are encouraged to shine through. No cowboy-style breaking methods or force-training. They put a solid foundation of respectful ground manners on each and every horse and carry that attitude through any discipline.

Riding Lessons on your own horse start as low as $50/hour. Some small class or family lessons are also available. Full horse board and train as low as $795/month.