Kristull River Dancer: 3/4 Friesian Yearling Colt

SOLD -- Kristull River Dancer sired by Friesian stallion Petrus Boszorg.

He is huge. He is gorgeous. He was born on the Kristull Ranch in June 2014 and imprinted at birth: both desensitized to handling of all types and sensitized to requests for body manipulation and movement. He is practically ready to mount today.

River, shown here at 9 and 12 months old, is starting to show his potential. Both parents are sport horses. His own sport potential is evidenced by his athletic, "thoroughbred-type" conformation. He will make the perfect Jumper, Dressage or Eventing horse: sport horse conformation, STRONG feet, patient temperament, charisma, with none of the drawbacks of the OTH thoroughbred. He stands four-square with plenty of rear impulsion and a well-laid-back shoulder. He is tall. His head is slightly more refined than a full Friesian.

He is already under training and is very easily handled - a veritable "pet" horse - who already knows how to lunge, back up, disengage his hind quarters, wear a saddle. He gives his feet willingly and stands for the farrier. A bath is becoming a favorite pastime.

We expect River to mature at about 17 - 17.2 hands. Except for sun bleach, he shows no signs of losing his black color. He will make a superb jumper or dressage performance horse, both because of his athleticism and his striking appearance.

Asking $6500 today. His price will go up as training progresses.

His dam and sire (as well as grandsire on both sides) are shown below.

Aukara's Pedigree: Auke v/h Schildbroek (Dutch Import Friesian Stallion: below) X Aymara (Paint)

River's dam:

At 17.2 hands, Aukara is a beautiful black & white half friesian-half QH paint mare. She is considered one of the best 1/2 Friesians the Kristull has ever bred. She had tremendous potential to be a superb performance horse. However, due to a pasture accident, she has a slight limp at the trot and she has been retired from performance horse to brood mare.

Aukara is very flashy! Her paint markings are well-proportioned with a coal black head. Her conformation is square. Angulation is balanced. Her feet are particularly healthy with wide heels and strong walls. She has a very gentle and willing temperament. She always passes on those characteristics to her foals.

Aukara has presented us with a brand new, kinky-curly, and very splashy baby boy on May 23, 2015. See Majestic. We are now offering him early to first trainers to see his potential.

Petrus is a superb show horse in his own right. He has shown handsomely in Spanish-style Dressage and dancing horse competitions. While he has not had any chance to compete in more conventional competitions, he is well-known for his grand style and willing temperament. He can be ridden by all levels of riders: large men to a 5 year-old boy.

Petrus is sired by the famous Preferent stallion Brandus 345 Sport. Brandus became World Champion in 1997 and 1998. He was also Reserve Champion 1999 and 2003. Brandus is rated number one in the World for his offspring to be awarded with the Sport status, and he is known for his amazing trot and his huge heart. His offspring are known for their incredible temperaments and beautiful baroque builds as well as their desire to work. They are often great dressage horses.

We expect Petrus to pass on his sire's performance style to his own progeny as well.

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