Staccato Cadence: Half Friesian x Arab Gelding

FOR SALE Kristull Stacatto Cadence is a beautiful, 16 year old 1/2 Friesian x 1/2 Arab Gelding. Sired by the famous Tsjerk PM.

He is a dark bay with parade-style, flowing mane and tail. He has a dark, soft eye, excellent conformation and a natural, collected gait, which highlight his gentle temperament. His health and attitude are of a 10 yr old horse. His feet have never seen shoes and are strong and wide at the heel. He just had his teeth floated.

He stands four square. He is is approximately 15.1 hands - just the right size for easy mount-dismount but with plenty of substance and carriage for flash.

His owner's chronic illness kept him happily pastured in the rolling hills of Kentucky for several years. He lived among woods, streams, wild terrain and wildlife. He can take to a trail with the best of them and loves trail riding. He is dog-savvy, and since returning to Texas, he has several dog "friends" and a doggy partner who goes on the trail with him.

A very social horse, Cadence was born on the Kristull Ranch and has not been sold or passed around. Imprinted as a foal, always treated with kindness, he has no bad habits. His ground manners are impeccable. He lunges to perfection at all gaits, turns on the fore, turns on the rear, does a thread-light lateral flex, disengages his rear, backs up easily. He is rock-solid for tacking, grooming. He stands for the farrier, loads in the trailer, and is an all-round easy handler and easy keeper

Last year, under the tutelege of an experienced Dressage rider, Cadence worked on perfecting his walk-trot transitions, trot-canter transitions, half halts and other beginning Dressage maneuvers. He is very willing, sensitive and eager to please, if inexperienced. He thrives on arena work, although his companion rode him on trails on the weekends. He has been ridden bareback and under saddle by an experienced rider, in double-jointed snaffle bit or just a halter.

We have discovered that Cadence has poor-to-no vision in his left eye due to a LONG-AGO pasture accident. He has long-since adjusted to it, and working in the arena is no challenge. As a trail horse, his rider should be aware of it.

Cadence could stand to get some exercise and lose a little weight. He needs someone who wants to give him the consistent practice and guidance it takes to become a confident performance or trail horse. He requires a skilled rider who can confidently guide him in new situations. If you are used to a cold blood horse, he has considerably more pizazz. If you are used to an Arab, he is calmer and easier to manage. He got the best of both parents.

Cadence would make an excellent companion for an enthusiastic rider. Call for an appointment.
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