Kristull High Definition (Abaddan - Lord of Darkness) : 75% Friesian Colt

SOLD. Aukara has presented us with a gorgeous baby boy born Aug 16, 2016

He was imprinted at birth: both desensitized to handling of all types and sensitized to requests for body manipulation and movement. This early training will make him a tremendously easy-to-train gentle giant.

At 20 weeks, he was even larger than his full brother at the same age, High Waters, only coal black. He is beautiful to behold: huge, curious, spirited, playful. He likes and approaches people voluntarily and enjoys attention. He is halter-broke and manageable.

Like his brother, we expect him to reach 16.2 - 17 hands.

Now 8 months old, he has started his ground training. A short video clip shows him on his first day of "serious" pasture play.

75% Friesian colt. Imprinted, handled, loving. Awaiting his official papers from Friesian Heritage Horse & Sporthorse International. Will also be eligible for Friesian Sporthorse and Friesian Blood Horse Assn. registration.

Asking $ Private reaty.

His dam and sire (as well as grand-sire on both sides) are detailed below.

Abbadan's Dam: Kristull Aukara (Above)

At 17.2 hands, Aukara is a beautiful black & white half friesian-half paint mare. (FHH registration number: 3039-2003 with DNA on file.) She is considered one of the best Friesian crosses the Kristull has ever bred. She had tremendous potential to be a superb performance horse. However, due to a pasture accident, she has a slight limp at the trot and she has been retired from performance horse to brood mare.

Her conformation is square. Angulation is balanced. Her feet are particularly healthy with wide heels and strong walls. She has a very gentle and willing temperament. She has produced outstanding foals regardless of the sires, as she always passes on those characteristics to her offspring.

Picture Collage: Auke v/h Schildbroek (Dutch Import Friesian Stallion)

Pedigree: Auke v/h Schildbroek (Dutch Import Friesian Stallion)

Abbadan's Sire: Jonker H.S.(Below)

Pedigree: Jonker H.S.(Dutch Import Friesian Stallion)

At barely 3 years of age in these pictures, Jonker H.S. is already showing his potential. Beautiful shoulder, plenty of rear, a regal head, and gentle disposition promise an amazing future.

He is double registered with both Dutch FPS registry and FHANA (DNA on file).

He is sired by Pier 448 and grandson of the famous Brandus 345 Sport, World Champion in 1997 and 1998 and Reserve Champion 1999 and 2003. Both are spectacular and typey stallions whose offspring have been the winners of competitions in Holland as well as the US. We expect him to mature, fill out, and fulfil his destiny as one of the best Friesian stallions in the region.

A video of Jonker's sire below